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Healing therapy in Coulsdon

As we go through our normal daily routines the stresses and strains of everyday life can cause our energy field to become out of balance.

If this balance is not restored, it can lead to physical symptoms or illness.

Energy healing and crystal healing are both holistic forms of healing, meaning the individual is treated as a whole not just the symptoms they are suffering from.
By working on re-balancing the Aura or energy field, these healings help the clients own self-healing capability deal with the underlying issues which can be the cause of illness, whether that be emotional, mental or spiritual issues.

Both forms of healing are complimentary therapies and should not be used as an alternative to modern medicine.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness both help to relieve stresses and tension and to bring peace and well-being to our lives.

Guided meditations are used to bring about relaxation and healing, making these groups suitable for anyone.

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Humans have used crystal since time immemorial. To some it was a sign of wealth and power. To others a way to communicate with the Goddess or God. Crystals were also used in jewellery and as amulets. And to others still, they were used as an aid to healing.

The foundation of most of the healing properties that we attribute to crystals in modern times can be found in ancient mythology and folklore.

With the aid of modern science we can now understand that each crystal has its own unique vibration frequency and that these energy frequencies are also found in our bodies. By working with a certain crystal it may be that that crystal is helping to restore some of the energy that is lacking in our Aura.

My crystal workshops are designed to give you the techniques you need to work with crystals at home.

About me

I am a qualified crystal healer and energy healer having studied for 2 years with The Academy of Inner Resonance (affiliated to FSEM). I obtained my diploma in January 2017.

I am based in the Coulsdon and Caterham areas of Surrey which are within easy reach of Redhill, Godstone, Purley and South Croydon.

I am available for healings some weekdays, evenings and Saturdays.

Each healing is tailored to the individual client's needs.

My Jewellery

I have been making jewellery for about 10 years. After I qualified in crystal healing, I saw an opportunity to combine my two interests.

Using my knowledge of crystals, healing techniques and jewellery techniques , I produce items to help my clients to keep their energy field healthy and in balance.

The shapes that I use in my jewellery designs in conjunction with the specific crystal are based on the techniques used in a healing session. These patterns can be represented by a square, triangle, circle or oval and spiral.

My jewellery can be bought from my online shop at under the chakra jewellery section or click on the image on the jewellery page.

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