Chris OsbornCrystal Healing & Therapy in Coulsdon, Surrey

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing works on all parts of the energy body and can deliver a very precise healing.
By tuning-in to the clients energy field, I get an understanding of where the energy body is out of balance or blocked.
This can be due to stress or holding on to old patterns or emotions that no longer serve us.
Once this assessment has been done, I know which crystals to use.
The crystals can either be laid on the client's body or in a pattern around the client.
Universal energy is then drawn upon which passes through the crystals and into the clients energy field.

Each session lasts about 1 hour and is tailored to each clients individual needs.

The cost of a crystal healing session is £50.00

Energy healing

Energy healing can be considered as quite gentle and therefore can be performed on practically anyone.

Universal energy is drawn upon and directed into the energy field of the client in order to clear or re-balance the clients energy field.

An energy healing lasts about 3/4 of an hour.

The cost of an energy healing session is £40.00

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