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If you are interested in buying a piece of my jewellery, please click on the image below.

As each piece is individually made, the shade or pattern of the beads may vary slightly from the photograph.

Jewellery. Chakrajewellery


The spiral shapes that I use are representative of the chakras which are often referred to as spinning discs or spiralling cones. By adding a specific crystal to the design, the energy of that crystal will work with the wearer's chakras to clear any blockages or to help the chakra spin at it's optimum rate.

Spiral pendant

is made from sterling silver with beads of a specific crystal. It is approx. 7.5cm high & approx. 4cm at the widest point. The loop at the top is wide enough to take a chain or thong.

Jewellery. blue lace agate spiral pendant

Tumble stones

I have a selection of pendants and earrings in which I use genuine crystal tumble stones in order for the wearer to get the energy of that crystal without having to place the crystal in their underwear.

Jewellery. Turquoise nugget earrings

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